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A beautiful village in the northern Gorkha, Nepal

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Friendly People
Structured Houses
Structured Houses
Natural Beauties
Natural Beauties
Beautiful Surrounding
Beautiful Surrounding

About Barpak

Barpak is a village located in Sulikot Gaunpalika in the northern part of the Gorkha district of Nepal and around 1900m above from sea level. It is inhabited by Gurungs, Ghales, Sunars, Pariyars and others. The main source of economy are agriculture, tourism and foreign employment. It is one of the popular stopover village in route to Manasulu trekking.

Barpak was the epicenter of the 2015 Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 which took nearly nine thousands lives all over Nepal. We are grateful to all the people and organization who helped us during the earthquake crisis. At present, life has returned to normal and living as usual.

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